61 Hours 61 Hours
"Do yourself a favor and get hooked on this series."

Cleveland Plain Dealer
US paperback
Sept. 28, 2010
UK paperback
Sept. 2, 2010

A savage snowstorm and a tour bus crash land Reacher in the middle of South Dakota—unprepared. For the snow, that is. But he’s ready, as only he can be, to risk his life to protect a courageous witness. If she’s going to live long enough to testify, she needs his help. There's a killer headed straight for her and he'll be in town soon...or maybe he’s already there...

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Bantam UK paperback Sept 2010 9780553825565
Bantam US paperback Sept 2010 9780440243694
Bantam UK hardcover March 2010 9780593057063
Delacorte hardcover May 2010 9780385340588
Random House Large Print May 2010 9780739377673
Random House UK Audio CD (abridged, Kerry Shale) March 2010 9781846572142
Random House Audio CD (unabridged, Dick Hill) May 2010 9780739365939
Random House Audio CD (abridged, Dick Hill) May 2010 9780739340738
Bantam US eBook May 2010 9780440339533


"This is Child in top form, but isn't he always?"
   —Booklist, starred review

"[Reacher is] the best butt-kicker in thriller-lit."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"Child is a superb craftsman of suspense, juggling several plots and keeping his herrings well-rouged... Best of all, this is a rare series book that reads like a stand-alone. Everything you need to know about Jack Reacher is contained within its pages. And chances are you'll want to seek out other Reacher adventures the moment you finish. A-"
   —Entertainment Weekly

"Child's writing is superb. Not only is this thriller believable, but the descriptions of the blizzard will make readers want to hug their furnaces. Fast paced and exciting, this is highly recommended."
   —Library Journal, starred review

"[I]t is always a pleasure to read another Jack Reacher novel. A kind of highlight of the year, really. There is only one downside. It's all the other people hanging around your house saying things like, 'Oy! Haven't you finished with the Reacher yet?' "
   —The Independent

"In '61 Hours,' the 14th, craftiest and most highly evolved of Lee Child’s electrifying Jack Reacher books, we find out about a metal desk in a musty old office that Reacher once occupied in Virginia. 'There’s a big dent on the right hand side,' says the office’s current resident, the sultry-voiced woman who holds Reacher’s old job with the military police. 'People say you made it, with someone’s head.'

Reacher isn’t one to boast about that. But he doesn’t exactly deny it either. What if furniture movers made the dent?, he asks coyly. What if somebody hit the desk with a bowling ball? The woman isn’t buying that. She speaks for anyone who ever tore feverishly through a Reacher thriller and marveled at its brainy, brawny hero when she rejects any reasonable explanation for the desk’s defect. 'I prefer the legend,' she says.

Who doesn’t? That legend—of a tough, cerebral drifter, a latter-day 6-foot-5-inch cowboy with 'hands the size of supermarket chickens'—has been so well burnished by Mr. Child that it has now taken on a life of its own. The character is so firmly established that there are certain things Reacher can be expected to do in every story: travel light, win fights against ridiculous odds, make at least one appreciative but quick wham-bam connection with a woman and stride away when the drama is over, never to look back.

What heats '61 Hours' to the boiling point is Mr. Child’s decision to defy his own conventions. In the interests of pure gamesmanship he seems hellbent on doing everything differently this time..."
   —Janet Maslin, The New York Times

"Get prepared for teeth-chattering suspense. Over a 61-hour timeline, Child sets up one of his most ingenious plots in the Jack Reacher chronicles. A fiery finale will leave fans talking and speculating for weeks to come."
   —Madison County Herald

"Once again, Child spins a riveting, ticking-clock Jack Reacher adventure."
   —RT Book Reviews