The Affair The Affair
"Compulsively readable."

The Wall Street Journal
US hardcover
Sept 27, 2011
UK hardcover
Sept 29, 2011

In 1997, Reacher's orders are: go undercover, keep your distance, monitor the investigation.

The local sheriff is Elizabeth Deveraux, a beautiful woman and an ex-Marine MP. She has all the skills she needs, but she's making no progress. Why not? Is there a reason she doesn't want the killer identified? And there's constant pressure from the Pentagon, too. Shadowy figures from the world of politics want the killer unmasked—but only if he's a civilian. Any other result would be a catastrophe.

Reacher and Deveraux can't get near the base. There's a shadow force in the woods, enforcing a quarantine zone around the fence. But side by side they piece together the evidence—and their partnership becomes more than professional. Eventually the army's official investigation produces a cast-iron prime suspect—and so does Reacher's undercover search.

But Reacher's answer is not the same as the army's.

If he keeps quiet, will he be able to live with himself? And if he speaks out, will the army be able to live with him?

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Delacorte hardcover Sept 2011 9780385344326
Bantam UK hardcover Sept 2011 9780593065709
Delacorte Large Print paperback Sept 2011 9780739378489
Random House Audio CD (unabridged, Dick Hill) Sept 2011 9780307749499
Random House Audio CD (abridged, Dick Hill) Sept 2011 9780307749475
Random House Audio download (unabr, D. Hill) Sept 2011 9780307749550
Random House Audio download (abr, Dick Hill) Sept 2011 9780307749482
Bantam UK Audio CD (abridged, Kerry Shale) Sept 2011 9781846573118
Random House eBook Sept 2011 9780440339359


"[P]lenty of eggs get broken in spectacular style on the way to making a Reacher omelet. Child’s mastery of high-octane plotting remains remarkable, as does his ability to inject what, in other hands, might have been cartoon characters with all the sinews that power human beings."
   —Booklist, starred review