Worth Dying For Worth Dying For
"Reacher is the
best butt-kicker in thriller-lit."

Kirkus Reviews

Does Reacher survive the explosive ending of 61 HOURS? How could you doubt him? Now he's hoofing it through Nebraska to Virginia to see the new CO of the 110th Special Unit. She'll have to be patient because Reacher's just met victims of the Duncan family and before long he'll make up his mind to show those three badass brothers and wife-beating son why you shouldn't interrupt a man on his way to meet an intriguing woman with a very sexy voice.

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Dell US paperback April 2011 9780440246299
Bantam UK paperback August 2011 9780553825480
Bantam UK hardcover Sept 2010 9780593065662
Delacorte hardcover Oct 2010 9780385344319
Bantam UK Audio CD (abridged, Kerry Shale) Sept 2010 9781846572586
Random House Audio CD (unabridged, Dick Hill) Oct 2010 9780307749437
Random House Audio CD (abridged, Dick Hill) Oct 2010 9780307749413
Delacorte Large Print paperback Oct 2010 9780739377864
Kindle UK eBook Sept 2010 B0040GJJR0
Random House eBook Oct 2010 9780440339342


"It's hard to imagine a single [human] who won't thrill to this latest Robin Hood fantasy of righteous vengeance."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"A situation tailor-made for [Reacher's] blend of morality and against-the-odds heroics...."
   —Publishers Weekly