A Wanted Man


Child is a superb craftsman of suspense.

–Entertainment Weekly

  • With Child, you can always count on furious action—and a damned good time.

    —The Miami Herald

    [In one] of the best of the series's climactic assaults, [Reacher] snaps into murderously good form...

    —The New York Times
  • If a Lee Child novel begins with Jack Reacher standing by the side of a highway with his thumb out, you can be sure that the wrong guy is going to pick him up. You can also be sure that the novel will end with Reacher standing by the side of another highway, again with his thumb out. In between, all hell will break loose, with the mysterious Reacher, the man with no home, in the middle of it, subduing bad guys one bullet, or one head butt, at a time.

    —Booklist, starred review
  • Bestseller Child's surprise-filled 17th Jack Reacher novel takes the ex-military policeman on a wild road ride that builds to a terrific slam-bang climax... Reacher displays his acuity, patience, endurance, and military skills in the exhilarating fashion series fans have come to expect.

    —Publishers Weekly
  • [A] page-turning caper filled with well-timed surprises. Less surprising, but no less welcome for that, is Reacher's grace under pressure—whether in math-induced meditation ("numbers called to him, twisting and turning and revealing their hidden facets") or in chilling battle mode ("it had been a head shot, through and through . . . like a curveball finding the strike zone").

    There is also the saving grace of Reacher's deadpan humor—as when he is sawing with a motel key at a captive's rope bindings. "Don't you have a knife?" the man asks. "I have a toothbrush," Reacher responds. "That won't help," the captive says, to which Reacher retorts: "It's good against plaque."

    —The Wall Street Journal

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