Blue Moon

Blue Moon

You have to love Jack Reacher's penchant for walking into trouble.

—The Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Child is at the top of his game in this nail-biter.
    —Publishers Weekly, starred review

    [I]t is tremendously comforting to be in the hands of Child and his hero – a good man who we know will save the day in the end before moving on, toothbrush in pocket.
    —The Guardian

    Reacher's plans of attack and wry observations are what fans come for and what they get here. Child keeps the action flowing in this satisfying entry.
    —Library Journal

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Delacorte hardcover Oct 29, 2019 9780399593543

Bantam Press UK hardcover Oct 29, 2019 9781787632196

Bantam Press UK trade paperback Oct 29, 2010 9781787630277

Random House Audio unabridged CD Oct 29, 2019 9781524774356

Random House Audio abridged CD Oct 29, 2019 9781984882660

Random House Audio unabridged download Oct 29, 2018 ISBN 9781524774363

Random House Audio abridged download Oct 29, 2018 ISBN 9781984882677

Transworld UK Digital audiobook Oct 29, 2019 9781473565258

Dell ebook Oct 29, 2019 9780399593550

Transworld ebook, Oct 29, 2019 9781473542310