Echo Burning


Another seamless, rip-roaring thriller featuring one of the genre's most resourceful and memorable heroes...

- Rocky Mountain News

  • The best mystery I have read this year: best written, best plotted, best in just about every way. Here place is a living character, compelling, central to the twists and turns of the plot and to the moral issues with which Reacher must deal. Texas has never been captured in quite this way before.

    —Boston Globe
  • Reacher proves a good man to have around when you're frightened and helpless and in desperate need of someone to kill your husband. Child uses the forbidding landscape of West Texas as both a metaphor for Carmen's sense of desolation and an excuse for Reacher's pragmatic brutality. But Child writes with more than his knuckles. His words are spare, but well chosen; the action is violent, but well calculated; and the ingenuity of the plot is especially well suited to a cool character like Reacher, who always thinks before he strikes.

    —Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review
  • Child's fifth thriller is his best yet. Like great movie westerns Shane and High Noon, the tale leaves some unforgettable images.

    —Orlando Sentinel

    A densely plotted story with solid characters you either love or despise. It's a story you can sink your teeth into. Child is a master.

    —Denver Post
  • The best thriller of the year so far. Reacher dominates every page of Child's latest, cementing his place as one of the most original and daring heroes in suspense fiction. (His) action scenes... are as good as any the genre has to offer, his hard, lean prose every bit as tough as his hero.

    —The Providence Journal-Bulletin (Rhode Island)
  • Another seamless, rip-roaring thriller featuring one of the genre's most resourceful and memorable heroes. Reacher is one of those larger-than-life heroes once played by John Wayne or Gary Cooper. Grade: A.

    —Rocky Mountain News
  • Echo Burning offers constantly escalating tension and a host of sinister villains. (It is) a Texas version of Deliverance. Child is a vigorous storyteller, gradually building the suspense to almost unbearable levels.

    —St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • Sizzling. As sweltering as the El Paso sun, ECHO keeps the action graphic and the tension high. Bottom line: Jalapeno-hot suspense.


    As always in this series, there is plenty of violence, all set within a taut, no-nonsense plot. To his credit, Child continues to turn Reacher into a three-dimensional character and not simply a blank tough guy...

    —Chicago Tribune
  • Child's writing—fast-paced and well done—commands attention.

    —Birmingham News

    Reacher is one of the more interesting series characters in recent years, an intellectual barbarian with a moral conscience.

    —The News-Press (Ft. Myers, FL)
  • In the space of less than five years, Child has established himself as one of Britain's most successful commercial novelists. (Echo Burning is) Child's breakthrough book into the mega-sellers. He is that good.

    —Daily Mail (London)
  • Smashingly suspenseful. The kind of daylight-noir setting that Jim Thompson loved. A set piece as good as anything in Elmore Leonard. Child builds tension to unbearable extremes, then blows it out in sharply choreographed violence...

    —Kirkus Reviews (starred)
  • Child has developed a fine franchise with Reacher, who comes from the Robin Hood mold, but has enough personal quirks and moments of unusual insight to separate him from the pack. (An) infectious story that taps deeply into two troubling emotions—the psychology of abuse and the desire for retribution. (Echo Burning) is among his strongest.

    —Publishers Weekly (starred)
  • Brilliantly plotted. Reacher is a one-man wrecking crew nourished only by the hunt.


    Vintage Lee Child, a smartly paced, intricately plotted and masterfully characterized thriller. The best Jack Reacher yet... stylish and convincing.

  • Echo Burning ignites into a volcanic drama. Reacher is one of the most interesting characters in modern mystery fiction. I love him.

    —The Poisoned Pen Booknews

    Another high-octane, kickass, nonstop action thriller. It may well be the best of the bunch. The plot remains compelling throughout and the pacing is relentless.

    —Deadly Pleasures Magazine
  • (The) attention to story detail makes the Jack Reacher series a stand-out. Echo Burning (is) on my Top Ten Best Books for this year.

    —Reed Andrus, Mystery News

    Echo Burning is absorbing, fast-paced and commands attention.

    —The Drood Review's "Editor's Choice: Best Eight Novels of 2001"

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Putnam hardcover June 2001

Jove mass-market paperback May 2002 9780515143829

Berkley trade paperback November 2005 0425206238

Jove ebook May 2002 9781101146323

Bantam hardcover April 2001

Bantam paperback April 2002 0553813307

Brilliance Audio July 2001 Unabridged 1587883708

Nova Audio Books June 2002 Abridged 1587883724