Gone Tomorrow


Child's tough but humane Jack Reacher is the coolest continuing series character now on offer.

- Stephen King, EW

  • Child's writing is both propulsive and remarkably error-free, and he's expert at ratcheting up the tension... the bad guys are always telling him, 'Stay away from this,' 'You're out of your depth' and the ever-popular 'You got lucky.' You want to scream at them, 'This is Jack Reacher for pity's sake, he'll eat you for breakfast!' He will, you know, and that's why we keep coming back for more.

    —Los Angeles Times
  • Reacher is not easy to stop, even when the odds are 19 to 1, as they appear to be in the all-stops-out, bloodsplattered finale—a brilliant set piece that hits home with the impact of a Reacher head butt... Child grounds his hero’s hard body and hard-drive brain in believable detail, and he sets the action against a precisely described landscape (this is a superb New York novel, offering, among other things, a virtual user’s guide to the subway). If you’re a reader whose pulse pounds when a top-notch thriller writer hits his stride, and if you’re not afraid to watch the bullet hit its target, then it’s a safe bet that you’re already a Lee Child fan.

    —Booklist, starred review
  • All good thriller writers know how to build suspense and keep the pages turning, but only better ones deliver tight plots as well, and only the best allow the reader to match wits with both the hero and the author. Bestseller Child does all of that in spades... [He] sets things up subtly and ingeniously, then lets Reacher use both strength and guile to find his way to the exciting climax.

    —Publishers Weekly, starred review
  • No one kicks butt as entertainingly as Reacher.

    —Kirkus Reviews

    Mr. Child is so good at what he does.

    —Janet Maslin, The New York Times
  • A compulsive page-turner head-and-shoulders above most of today's thriller writers.

    —Omaha World Herald

    [T]he ever-resourceful and vengeful Reacher takes on nearly a score of the bad guys in an exciting climax to an enthralling book that is as satisfying as its predecessors. Highly recommended.

    —Library Journal, starred review
  • [A] wild, gut-wrenching bloodfest through the glamorous and gritty streets of New York City. The suspense comes as fast as an uptown express train. The climax leaves you breathless and begging for more.

    —George Hackett, Contributing Editor, Newsweek
  • This is pure, escapist, fun, kick-butt fiction... Jack Reacher is so competent, so capable, so willing to open a can when a can needs to be opened, that it's a totally cathartic read! ... Who needs pasty vampire boys when you can read about that?

    —Matron Down Under blog
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    Guy Walks Into a Bar... in The New York Times.
  • Here's the animated video for GONE TOMORROW which accompanies BookandBeyond's UK eBook edition of NOTHING TO LOSE.

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Delacorte hardcover May 2009 9780385340571

Bantam UK hardcover April 2009 9780593057056

Bantam US trade paperback 2012 9780345541581

Dell mass-market paperback March 2010 9780440243687

Random House Large Print May 2009 9780739328460

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Random House Audio CD (abridged, Dick Hill) May 2009 9780739340714

Random House UK Audio CD (Kerry Shale) April 2009 9781846571602

Bantam US eBook May 2009 9780440338550