Nothing to Lose


Child is the master of the hardboiled revenge fantasy... A relentlessly thrilling puzzle, the best adrenaline-fueled escapism...

-Miami Herald

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    #1 Wall Street Journal!
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    The year's first red-hot beach book.... Colossal. Earthshaking. Stupendous.... Reacher's minimalist character is perfect.... One of the most enduring action heroes on the American landscape.

    —Janet Maslin, The New York Times
  • With his powerful sense of justice, dogged determination and the physical and mental skills to overcome what to most would be overwhelming odds, Jack Reacher makes an irresistible modern knight-errant.

    —Publishers Weekly

    What is it that makes these action-fantasies so satisfying? [W]e find ourselves responding on a deeply emotional, archetypal level...Reacher lets us experience what it would be like, just once, to slap every last one of the fools aligned against us upside the head and then, pausing only to pack our toothbrush, hit the highway.

    —Booklist, starred review

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Delacorte hardcover June 2008 9780385340564

Dell mass-market paperback March 2009 9780440243670

Bantam UK hardcover March 2008 9780593057025

Bantam UK mass-market paperback April 2009 9780553824414

Random House Large Print June 2008 9780739327906

Random House Large Print June 2008 9780739327906

Random House Audio CD (unabridged) June 2008 9780739365892

Random House Audio CD (abridged) June 2008 9780739340691

Random House UK Audio UK March 2008 9781846571091

Bantam US eBook June 2008 9780440337805