Reacher grabs me on page one and never lets go. Right now Lee Child is my No1 thriller writer.

—Ken Follett

  • Lee Child has a way with words. I’m a fan.
    —James Patterson

    Ripping yarns.
    —Stephen King

    One of the truly memorable tough-guy heroes.
    —Jeffrey Deaver

    Gives new meaning to what a page-turner should be.
    —Michael Connelly

    If I was to be executed at dawn, I would choose to spend the night reading the next Jack Reacher thriller.
    —Emma Donoghue
  • I can hardly wait for "Personal," by Lee Child. Jack Reacher is today's James Bond, a thriller hero we can’t get enough of. I read every one as soon as it appears. And by the way, the author is a really nice guy.
    —Ken Follett in The New York Times

    Child is the best thriller writer in the business.
    —Jeff Ayers, Associated Press

    [S]uspense-filled, riveting thriller...irresistible.
    —Library Journal, starred review

    [E]ndless surprises and fierce suspense.
    —Washington Post

    Personal is a perfectly paced thriller that transcends being a page-turner. It's a page-burner!
    —Rob Taub, Huffington Post
  • [Child] is so good. He makes "literary" writing seem orotund. Flabby. His sawn-off sentences pile up. He generates relentless momentum. At the same time, breathing space. Educational interludes. A whole paragraph on how to kick down a door. Sardonic riffs on consumerism. Always rhythmically placed in the ebb and flow of information. Contributing to the suspense. Child's dedication to suspense. It approaches the Hitchcockian.
    —Steven Poole, The Guardian

    In thriller land, there is something very dangerous and sexy about the teacher-pupil dynamic, especially where guns are’s Reacher the Teacher who wows here, instructing Casey Nice and us in the assets of the AK-47 and the properties of bulletproof glass, while passing on neat tricks like how to stroll through airport security, buy a gun when you’re out of town and smash a guy’s nose with your elbow.
    —Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times

    This carefully crafted tale...abounds with crisp dialogue, detailed descriptions and a gripping plot that makes it tough to put down.
    —Lansing State Journal

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