Surprise tops nasty surprise when former MP Jack Reacher stalks a nemesis from the past... Wily plotting, swift pacing, mordant wit: Child is one skillful writer...

- Kirkus Reviews

  • Persuader is to noir roughly what Paradise Lost was to poetry.

    —Malcolm Gladwell

    The secret to writing a great scene: Start in the middle of the action, then leave the reader hanging. Child has coupled that formula to a razor-sharp style and crafted seven perfect thrillers. One press clip boasted that he's 'The best thriller writer you're probably not reading—yet.' Time to start. Jack Reacher, his hero, is a former military policeman with a knack for landing in sticky situations. Think Die Hard without the smirk.

  • Protagonist ranks with best in genre. They don't come along every day, but once in a while, a new character surfaces as the protagonist in a series of novels to take his place alongside John MacDonald's Travis McGee and Robert Parker's Spenser. Lee Child's Jack Reacher is such a character, and best of all, he keeps getting better.

    Reacher is a deeply principled rogue, for whom authority and rules are anathema. His character would almost be a stereotype except that Child has drawn him so precisely that he comes off scary, admirable and likable all at the time...Child has created an altogether satisfying and believable hero with stories that show him off to extraordinary effect and keep the reader turning pages into the wee hours. What more can be asked of an adventure novel?

    —Winston-Salem Journal
  • [S]ince I find myself raving to everyone I run into about how wonderful Child is, and how much I'm enjoying reading about Jack Reacher, his Travis McGee-like hero (an ex-military policeman, now always on the road, who wanders into trouble wherever he goes), I find that I can't wait any longer to talk about his terrific books. Believe me, if you like fast-moving, high-octane thrillers, with appropriately chilling villains and a super tough-guy-with-a-heart-of-gold hero, and you demand fiction that's both well-written and impossible to put down, then Child is someone you don't want to miss. . . The thing with Child is, he just gets better and better with every book (Persuader is the best so far)—and how many writers can you make that claim for?

    —Nancy Pearl, KUOW Public Radio
  • The word thriller is too often used as a kind of catchall, encompassing a wildly diverse group of novels that aren't mysteries exactly but that do generate suspense. Rather than this kitchen-sink approach, why not limit the term to those rare novels that, in fact, deliver thrills, books fueled by a propulsive narrative that compels the reader forward, all systems on overdrive from beginning to end? Stephen Hunter's Bob the Nailer novels are the perfect example of this special breed, but Child's Jack Reacher series can match Bob stride for stride.... The best thrillers run on high-octane narrative fuel, but they are not plot driven. To generate real thrills, an author must put real people behind the wheel, and Child does exactly that. Bones crunch, wounds bleed, and hearts break in this galvanizing tale, but they never do so generically, and the mayhem, both physical and emotional, never feels gratuitous.

    —Booklist, starred review
  • Surprise tops nasty surprise when former MP Jack Reacher stalks a nemesis from the past...Wily plotting, swift pacing, mordant wit: Child is one skillful writer.

    —Kirkus Reviews, starred review
  • Child is a master of storytelling skills, not least the plot twist, and the opening chapter of this novel spins a doozy, as a high-octane, extremely violent action sequence sees Child hero Jack Reacher rescue a young man, 20-year-old Richard Beck, from an attempted kidnapping before the rug is pulled out from under the reader with the chapter's last line. . . What makes the novel really zing is Reacher's narration—a unique mix of the brainy and the brutal, of strategic thinking and explosive action, moral rumination and ruthless force, marking him as one of the most memorable heroes in contemporary thrillerdom. Any thriller fan who has yet to read Lee Child should start now.

    —Publishers Weekly, starred review
  • Loner and ex-military policeman, Jack Reacher, is back in another action-packed and gritty thriller that grips you by the throat from page one. Persuader has everything thriller fans could ask for and then some: a great lead, wonderful and often quirky secondaries, the nastiest villains, plenty of non-stop action and some unexpected surprises. Don't let Persuader slip you by and don't expect to put this book down until you turn the last page.


    With Jack Reacher, we have a true hero and like his landscape—they just don't make 'em like this anymore! Highly Recommended—a top ten definite for 2003 if not #1.

    —Ali Karim for Shots—The Crime and Mystery Magazine
  • This book was so fast paced it made me dizzy. [L]ike driving 90 miles an hour at night with no lights, trusting that you will get where you are going, but not sure how... It is pure Reacher at his best, and if this is a taste of what is to come from Lee Child, I want more.

    —Books 'N Bytes

    In short, this is one hell of a thriller.

    —S. Weinman, Rec.Arts.Mystery
  • Will grip readers from the first page and will further cement Lee Child's reputation as a world-class thriller writer.

    —Crime Time

    Very tense ... real urgency ... a scrupulously structured thriller ... a thrilling and reputable read.

    —Literary Review

    Persuader is Lee Child's best book since Killing Floor and it stacks up well against anything in the genre.

    —David Montgomery, Mystery Ink
  • What a pleasure to return to Lee Child and his latest Jack Reacher novel, Persuader, which finds our drifting protagonist finally settling the score with a bad guy from Reacher's days in the military police. The first pages are intensely exciting and totally untrue—and boy, do we enjoy being fooled. An absolute heart-stopper from its opening scene to climactic finish.

    —Mystery Lovers Bookshop

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