The Affair


Compulsively readable.

—The Wall Street Journal

  • The [Reacher] novel fans have been waiting for.

    —USA Today

    One of the best Reacher books yet...The tension builds early and continues nonstop.

    —The Miami Herald
  • Big, exciting...The Affair shakes up the status quo.

    —The New York Times

    A series that stands in the front rank of modern thrillers.

    —The Washington Post
  • Child makes what he does seem simple. If it is, though, it's strange that nobody has managed it so well.

    —Evening Standard

    In many ways, I consider The Affair to be a perfect crime novel... So, if you're waiting for the paperback to come out - don't. Run out and get this hardcover, whether it's new or used. You don't want to wait a year to read this. It's that good.

    —Las Vegas Review Journal
  • A veritable tour de force...brilliantly constructed, flawlessly executed and deliciously plotted.

    —Washington Times

    [P]lenty of eggs get broken in spectacular style on the way to making a Reacher omelet. Child’s mastery of high-octane plotting remains remarkable, as does his ability to inject what, in other hands, might have been cartoon characters with all the sinews that power human beings.

    —Booklist, starred review

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Delacorte hardcover Sept 2011 9780385344326

Dell mass-market paperback March 2012 9780440246305

Bantam UK hardcover Sept 2011 9780593065709

Bantam UK paperback March 2012 9780553825510

Delacorte Large Print paperback Sept 2011 9780739378489

Random House Audio CD (unabridged, Dick Hill) Sept 2011 9780307749499

Random House Audio CD (abridged, Dick Hill) Sept 2011 9780307749475

Random House Audio download (unabr, D. Hill) Sept 2011 9780307749550

Random House Audio download (abr, Dick Hill) Sept 2011 9780307749482

Bantam UK Audio CD (abridged, Kerry Shale) Sept 2011 9781846573118

Random House eBook Sept 2011 9780440339359