Without Fail


As the ultimate outsider, Reacher brings a fresh, if cynical, perspective to a world that he never made - and can't wait to escape...

- The New York Times

  • If Without Fail doesn't hook you on Lee Child, I give up. In what may be the best of Child's austere thrillers, Jack Reacher, a rootless ex-military cop who emerges from the shadows of his carefully guarded anonymity to play the series fix-it man, is given the assignment of his career: to assassinate the newly elected vice president... Because Reacher is a hero-for-hire with little back-story baggage to haul around, each book offers virgin territory for Child to explore. Here it's the covert operations of the federal government's offices of internal security, whose arcane procedures and eerily detached personnel are every bit as baffling as the assassination conspiracy. As the ultimate outsider, Reacher brings a fresh, if cynical, perspective to a world that he never made—and can't wait to escape.

    —Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times
  • I love this series featuring Jack Reacher, the eccentric, solitary investigator who takes only work that means something to him personally. Irresistible.

    —Margaret Cannon, The Globe & Mail (Toronto)

    If you haven't been reading Lee Child then you have my sympathy. You're missing one of the most intriguing characters in suspense fiction. This year's release, Without Fail is his best yet. Jack Reacher is an action hero for the 21st century. Move over Lucas Davenport and Harry Bosch. Reacher has all their smarts with no emotional baggage other than wanderlust. If forced to pick my current favorite thriller author I wouldn't even hesitate ... without fail, it's Lee Child.

    —Dede Anderson, TheMysteryReader.com
  • Child's plot is ingenious, his characters are first-rate, and his writing is fine indeed. I don't often shed tears over fictional folk, but he makes the unexpected death of one character genuinely moving. And his lyrical description of a Wyoming sunrise, too long to quote here, reflects his love of his adopted country. This is a superior series.

    —Patrick Anderson, Washington Post Book World

    The most frequently asked question I get as a reviewer is "Who is your favorite author?" There is one test that helps me address this FAQ: Would I pay the full price for the book in a bookstore? [I would buy anything by] Lee Child, who may be the best thriller writer in the business. Without Fail is his sixth novel; his series figure, Jack Reacher, is convincingly tough, clear-headed, and street smart [and] everything falls into place like a well-assembled time bomb.

    —Robin W. Winks, The Boston Globe
  • [T]he breadth and audacity of this series continue to amaze me. Reacher's absolute confidence in his abilities, and his unerring sense of what is and isn't right, stands out in a world of conflicted detectives. I mean, this guy makes Spenser look like he has self-esteem problems. Yet, there's also a lot of wit in Without Fail, and even a certain amount of playfulness. There's a great "Forrest Gump"-like scene, in which Jack is sucked into a press interview with the VP-to-be, and asked his thoughts on the use of military force ("Yes, I still support overwhelming force. That's for sure. I support it big time. Always have, believe me"). And there's a small, tender scene of such powerful but unspoken passion between a man and a woman that the fact it doesn't lead anywhere will crack your heart. I've read three books in this series and I'm heading back to find the others. This is a men's adventure book for men or women who can read with their mouths closed and their minds (and hearts) open — smart, literate and just good old-fashioned thrilling. And always fascinating.

    —Kevin Burton Smith, January Magazine contributor and editor/creator of The Thrilling Detective Web Site

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Bantam UK hardcover April 2002

Bantam UK paperback April 2003 0553813439

Putnam hardcover May 2002

Jove mass-market paperback March 2003 0515135283

Berkley trade paperback December 2005 0425207609

Penguin e-book Feb 2008 9781101052792

Brilliance Audio May 2002 Unabridged 1590860624 / Abridged 1590860659