Lee Child BBC 4: Open Book with Mariella Frostrup discusses Harper Lee's classic To Kill A Mockingbird as it turns 50 with Lee, Kwame Kwei Armah, Shami Chakrabarti, Meg Rosoff, and Diane Roberts (15:47 is where Lee begins speaking), June 2010 (audio)

Minnesota Public Radio: "Midmorning"'s Kerri Miller talks with Lee for almost a full hour, and worth every minute, May 2010 (audio)

First Tuesday Book Club: Jennifer Byrne Presents: Bestsellers & Blockbusters with Lee, Matthew Reilly, Di Morrissey and Bryce Courtenay to discuss what it takes to be a bestselling author, May 2010 (video) Download the MWV or MP4 here.

Wall Street Journal: Reacher's Minimalist Roost (Lee's stuff-free home), May 2010

The Center for Fiction: Discover Lee's two reasons for contributing to The Dark End of the Street anthology. Many thanks to Shannon Byrne for this clip. May 2010 (video)

ABC Brisbane: In conversation with Richard Fidler, April 2010 (audio)

ReviewingTheEvidence.com: Sixty Seconds with Lee Child, April 2010

London Evening Standard: Clash of the Titans, Ian McEwan vs Lee Child, March 2010

Left Coast Crime: A short, funny clip from Gregg Hurwitz's interview of Lee as Guest of Honor, March 2010 (video)

The Daily Mail: "Why Anyone Can Write American", January 2010


Parade: What Inspired Me The Most (hint: it's today's military), December 2009

Good Day Atlanta: Lee at the Decatur Book Festival, September 2009 (video)

The Leonard Lopate Show: New York City Thrillers w/Lee, George Dawes Green & Reggie Nadelson, August 2009 (audio)

Parade: My Good Life After Being Fired, July 2009

Time: Lee's Summer Reading List, July 2009 (video & optional extended audio)

Newsweek: What to Read Now. And Why, June 2009

Stacey Cochran interviews Lee for a long, lovely half hour, May 2009 (video)

Writer's Roundtable: Antoinette Kuritz interviews Lee on storytelling, voice, defining genre and a whole lot more, May 2009 (audio)

The Rap Sheet: Ali Karim interviews Lee yet again (with oodles of good links), May 2009

London Times asks Lee about his vacations, March 2009


Stephen King asks in Entertainment Weekly: "Who Says Real Men Don't Read?" September 2008

Writers Digest: Lee on writing & advice to new authors, July 2008 (video)

Sheffield University's Dominic Shellard interviews Lee: Page 1 & Page 2 (click on each picture to enlarge), 2008

The Leonard Lopate Show: Lenny interviews Lee for WNYC, July 2008 (audio)

Lee at Powell's Books: June 2008. It's a big download but worth it, especially if you've couldn't attend this year's tour. (Windows Media video) or (Quicktime video). Many thanks to Jim Plant of NewTek.com and John Strauch for their generosity in making this video possible.

AuthorMagazine.com Presents: Lee Child compares music to writing, June 2008 (Quicktime video)

AuthorsAudio.com: Jake D. Steele interviews Lee, June 2008 (audio)

Bantam Dell Podcasts: Lee on Reacher, soldiers, writing & the perfect coffee mug (audio), June 2008

Borders UK asks Lee about Nothing to Lose, lad lit, women lovin' Reacher + a teaser for 2009's Gone Tomorrow, Part I & Part II (video), April 2008

Lee speaks to Powells.com about Nothing to Lose (video), 2008


Robert Bidinotto interviews Lee for The New Individualist, May 2007

Shots Ezine: Ali Karim interrogates Lee in Milton Keynes, April 2007

The Rap Sheet: Ali Karim's Lee Child Tradition, April 2007
Part I, Part II & Part III

Crimespace, April 2007 (video):
Lee reads from Bad Luck and Trouble
Lee answers questions at a signing in Milton Keynes

Podcasts from the UK, April 2007 (video):
How Lee came up with the premise for BL&T
1) Just what is it about Reacher?
2) How different cultures perceive Reacher
3) Will Reacher ever settle down?
4) Research. You know you wanted to ask
5) It's all about Reacher
6) Reacher in the movies?
7) Advice to aspiring novelists?
8) How touring is a like a warm bath

The Telegraph (UK) interview: "Like Dan Brown, but better", January 2007


Lee on CBS' The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, June 2006
(Quicktime video)
(Windows Media video)

KaceyKowars.com interviews Lee on The Hard Way, May 2006 (audio). Listen online, Podcast or RSS feed


"Live at Prairie Lights" where Lee reads from One Shot, June 2005 (audio)

The Early Show on CBS tv interviews Lee, June 14, 2005 (video)

KaceyKowars.com interviews Lee on One Shot, June 2005 (audio)

Lee is given The Bob Kellogg Good Citizen Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Internet Writing Community which we suspect may be the longest name for an award, ever

A Reacher Moment... or two—Tangled Web UK interview, May 2005

Paul Holmes interviews Lee for New Zealand TV, April 2005 (Quicktime video)
(Windows Media video)

Shooting the Breeze with Lee Child: Ali Karim for Shots Ezine, April 2005

Simon Mayo on BBC 5 Live, April 2005 (audio) Lee chats with reviewers and answers callers' questions


"Maybe You're Already a Writer" by Lee Child for Backspace Writers Conference, 2004

Lee Child on Thriller Sidekicks for Backspace, The Writer's Place, 2004

Publishers Weekly interviews Lee about The Enemy, 2004

Manchester Online interviews Lee for The Enemy, 2004


Sept 2003 interview with Lee—this one's in German


FictionAddiction.net interviews Lee, December 2002

Barbara Peters of Poisoned Pen interviews Lee about Reacher, writing & Without Fail, 2002 (video): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 & Part 6

BookCrazyRadio interview, for those of you who think most interviews are too short (this is a large download, so be patient), 2002 (audio)

Bestsellers World interview, August 2002

EyeOnBooks.com interviews Lee in 2007, 2003, 2002 & 2001 (audio)

Jon Jordan interviews Lee for Mystery One Bookstore, 2002: Part 1 & Part 2

Jon Jordan interviews Lee for Books 'N Bytes, 2002

Ali Karim interviews Lee for Shots Ezine, 2002


The Internet Writing Journal interview with Lee Child, August 2001

The Thrilling Detective's Jack Reacher Page

Jon Jordan for Books 'n Bytes interviews Lee, 1999


Mystery Ink, A Booklover's Guide to Mysteries and Thrillers, interviews Lee

Partners & Crime Mystery Booksellers—an early interview with Lee Child