Alive in Shape and Color

Edited by Lawrence Block. Suppose an author was invited to select a painting from the whole panoply of visual art - from the cave drawings at Lascaux to a contemporary abstract canvas on which the paint has barely dried. What would they write about? Joyce Carol Oates picked Le Beaux Jours by Balthus. Warren Moore chose Salvador Dali's The Pharmacist of Ampurdam Seeking Absolutely Nothing. Michael Connelly has a go at The Garden of Earthly Delights by Harry's namesake Hieronymous Bosch. S.J. Rozan finds a story in Hokusai's The Great Wave, while Jeffery Deaver's "A Significant Find" draws its inspiration from―yes―those prehistoric cave drawings at Lascaux. And Kristine Kathryn Rusch moves from painting to sculpture and selects Rodin. In artists ranging from Art Frahm and Norman Rockwell to René Magritte and Clifford Still, the authors include Thomas Pluck, Sarah Weinman, David Morrell, Craig Ferguson, Joe R. Lansdale, Jill D. Block, Justin Scott, Jonathan Santlofer, Gail Levin, Nicholas Christopher, and Lee Child, with each story accompanied in color by the work of art that inspired it. Illustrated with 16 color plates.

"Pierre, Lucien & Me" is Lee's short story, based upon Auguste Renoir's Bouquet of Chrysanthemums, 1881.

Pegasus hardcover (December 5, 2017) 9781681775616